Mazeika's Elite Gymnastics

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The Mission Statement of Mazeika's Elite Gymnastics is to inspire every child's discovery of their own innate
self worth by:

1. Providing a safe and educational experience.
2. Creating a sense of accomplishment through a joy of learning.
3. Creating a fun, positive and energetic environment.
4. Nurturing each child's individuality.

Mazeika's Elite Gymnastics first opened it's doors during the Summer of 2007 by owners Kevin and Laura Mazeika.

Kevin and Laura have been involved in gymnastics at some capacity most of their lives. They were both college competitive gymnasts, have been coaches,  judges and gym owners for decades.

 Kevin has been the Olympic coach or personal coach to an Olympian for the last five Olympics. He has coached Sean Townsend and Raj Bobzar to Olympic medals. He has also coached the USA Men’s team to silver team medal in Athens in 2004, Bronze team medal in Beijing in 2008.

Laura has a bachelors of Science degree in education, master’s degree in kinesiology and movement and has studied dance and sports psychology at the doctorate level. Before deciding to stay home with her children during their early years she was a professor at A&M as the coordinator of the dance department within the kinesiology department.

Laura and Kevin have 2 daughters who are professional dancers in San Francisco. Kevin and Laura have lived in the Houston area since they were married.  

281-444-4600 12902 Haynes Rd Houston, TX 77066