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Meet Our Family


Coach Laura earned her Bachelors Degree of Science in Kinesiology and

Education from Salem State College, Salem MA. She has also earned a Masters of Education in Dance and Physical Education from Southeastern Louisiana University. She has also studied Psychology at the Doctoral level at University of Houston.

 Laura was a gymnastics judge for 15 years, including President of the Houston USAG Judges Association.


Laura competed at the high school, private club and collegiate level. 

She also taught at Southeastern Louisiana University, Texas A&M University and University of Houston.

Laura and her husband Kevin Mazeika (a USA Olympic Men’s coach for 4 Olympics) have been gym owners, coaches and judges in the Houston area for more than 50 years .



Coach Maria has been with Mazeicka’s for over ten years. She started as a student here, and did competitive

gymnastics for ten years, completing Level 10. She has been an awesome coach for 5 years.


Her certifications include;

U101-Safety and Risk Management

U110-Safe Sport Training

USA Gymnastics Professional Status


Her favorite gymnastics move is a high flying move on the bars

called a gienger.


“My favorite thing about coaching is watching kids come out of their shell, conquer something new, fail a few times and develop a love for gymnastics which, in turn, increases their confidence.”



Coach Jason has been a gymnast for over 25 years, a coach for 20 years and has been with us for over 10 years. He is so funny and is always making the kids laugh.

He is certified in risk and safety management and safe sport.

Jason’s favorite part about coaching is seeing the look on the kids faces when they stick a new skill. He just loves to share in their excitement.

His favorite gymnastics moves are front handsprings and the front tuck.



Coach Mitchell has been doing gymnastics for 10 years and has been a coach with Mazeika’s for 8 months. He is so great with the kids and they just love him!


His favorite part about coaching is helping kids by teaching them something he loves that made such an impact on his life.


His favorite gymnastics move is a double back flip.


Coach Mitchell is always telling his students, as well as others, “Don’t be too hard on yourself and have fun!”


Coach Jailyn has a background in competitive cheerleading, She is new to coaching and this will be her first year. We are happy to have her, and the kids agree.


She loves working with the little gymnasts and finds joy in watching them progress.


Her favorite gymnastics move is the back tuck.


Coach Yuneicy has been doing cheer for 4yrs and gymnastics for 3yrs. She actually started gymnastics several years ago right here at our gym. She has been coaching for the past 4yrs and we are happy to have her join our family.
She loves teaching gymnastics skills and having fun with the kids.

She likes to say "We are more powerful when we empower each other."
Jimmy Kang teaches our Hip-Hop Dance class. He is a choreographer and dancer. Jimmy went to the 2015 World of Dance Finals with Wyldstyl dance team from Soundbox studious. He teaches kids of all ages and hold workshops at schools around Houston.
Jimmy believes that dance can give a child a voice when they feel they do not have one. He also feels that dance serves as a building block for motor skills through anatomy and muscle awareness and cognitive skills such as memory and mobility.
He enjoys all kinds of music and has a great personality. He is really funny and the kids all love him.